Property Maintenance services offered:

  • Lawn mowing
  • Lawn fertilizing programs
  • Spring and fall clean-ups
  • Lawn renovation and topdressing
  • Lawn dethatching
  • Lawn aeration
  • Tree and shrub pruning
  • Plant fertilizing and insect control
  • Tick and mosquito control
  • Snow plowing 

Professional Design

Creative Design Ideas
Practical Landscape Solutions
30 Years Hands-on Experience
Registered Landscape Architecture

Construction & Care

- Retaining Walls - Pool Decks, Patios and Walkways - Tree, Shrub and Perennial Plantings - Grading and Drainage Systems - Lawn Installations - Waterfalls and Ponds - Property Care Program for Plantings and Lawn

Detail of Services

Set the mood for your outdoor living with a beautiful, new patio area and you’ll have a gorgeous space from which you can enjoy your whole backyard – and your time with family and friends! Whether laid in clean, stylish manufactured stone or timeless, natural stone pieces, our patios are designed and built to provide years of pleasure.

As a homeowner, you should always consider the techniques used to lay your patio area. If not properly prepared and laid, a patio can heave and move with the first few season changes. It is our mission to meet or exceed industry standards in patio construction techniques. Talk to us about how we build our patios to make sure you’ll have nothing but enjoyment from your patio for years to come.

Our team is experienced in the design and installation of both inground pools and the surrounding coping, patios and landscapes. Talk to us about developing a lush paradise for your outdoor living space.

When you’re thinking of a landscape transformation add to your enjoyment of your home and the value of your property, you want to be sure the result is an improvement fitting the investment. The design and planning phase is critical to a successful project and a company with both construction and design expertise will ensure you have a smooth process and a beautiful end product.

The key to exceeding our customers’ expectations begins with listening closely to them. We start each project with a meeting to understand your goals, what you love to do in your leisure time, who you envision using your space, and your style preferences.

We’ll look at your property and its buildings to know what we’re working with. We’ll assess any physical issues that a design plan will have to incorporate, or site problems that may need to be solved.

We may be able to give a ballpark idea of cost during our consultations, but it’s not until we have a detailed picture of what your landscape will include that we can quote the actual cost of the project. We enjoy working with our clients to make the best decisions on components and materials in order to have a space they’re thrilled with and that is within their budget.

Design Drawings
With the project components, site measurements and any initial brainstorming sketches from our consultation, we’ll create a set of project drawings. Depending on the complexity of the project, these may include watercolour sketches, computer-generated renderings and technical construction drawings.

Project Management
Our years of landscape construction experience mean we know exactly what to expect when moving through even the most involved landscape job. We know what to plan for, so that the unexpected events and cost overruns are prevented. We manage an efficiently run, organized project and that includes:

- Placing a top priority on your comments and requests
- Keeping you up to date and aware of the schedule and our progress
- Making sure every member of our team is properly trained to work safely
- Scheduling specialty trades and materials so that timelines are never delayed
- Giving ample notice when your daily operation might be disrupted (like the arrival of heavy equipment, for example)

When your landscape needs the structural support of a retaining wall, it’s critical to have one that is stable – permanently. Our solid experience in designing and building walls is your insurance that you’ll have a retaining wall that remains in place, season after season.

As important a job as retaining walls have on a property, we love creating ones that look beautiful too.

We construct walls of:

- Natural stone
- Armour rock
- Brick
- Interlocking pavers, or
- Concrete

Retaining walls can add an impressive and visually interesting way to pull your whole landscape together with the architecture of your home.

Retaining wall repair and replacement is most common, but introducing new walls to a sloped property can also be a practical way to create a series of terraces – and usable grounds. With a stepped, stone stairway down the middle it becomes a luxurious setting beckoning everyone outside.

Give us a call to discuss how we can install a retaining wall that will serve you beautifully for years to come.

Is there anything nicer than coming home to a property that looks beautiful with its  vibrant green, lush lawn? Well, maybe actually feeling that soft grass between your toes! Let us take your lawns from withering (or non-existent!) to wonderful. We offer expert sod laying and seeding services (full lawns or just the needed patching), as well as over-seeding to thicken up an overall lawn.

Get in touch with us to get greening your property! Our team is quick and always works with care on your property. We have the experience it takes to properly prepare an area, lay sod or seed, and then irrigate and fertilize to generate solid, healthy growth. We carry a variety of grass seed to suit the light and soil needs of any area. We use thick sod rolls with a dense plant growth, and grass composition that is especially suited to withstand droughts and our extreme temperatures.

You never need to feel your choice in lawn service is a gamble – we stand behind our products and our work. Talk to us about our product and service warranties.

Extend a welcoming path to your front door. An improvement to front hardscapes, whether a redesign in walkway layouts or just an upgrade in materials, makes a great enhancement to overall curb appeal.

More than just enhancing curb appeal (and property values), re-styling and renewing walkways and paths can also offer a very real safety benefit. Cracks and heaved stone, as well as weed growth between broken pieces, can present a tripping hazard and problems when clearing snow. (Remember that feeling of pushing a shovel full of snow and hitting a raised walkway stone?)

Let us design a stunning path system in front and around your home. We work with any combination of materials, including:

- Interlock pavers
- Natural stone slabs and flagstone
- New and reclaimed brick
- Poured and decorative concrete
- Armour rock

Colours, shapes and styles are virtually limitless. Let us help you work through the options to find the combination that elevates your home and fits your budget.

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